Automatically Delete Browser Tracking Cookies for Improved WEB Privacy

The WEBNoTrack Windows® desktop application automatically deletes browser cookies.

Delete Browser Cookies – It does much more than that – WEBNoTrack intercepts, modifies or deletes tracking cookie information that the application or you determine that violate your privacy – all in real-time.  This application has low impact on your system performance and best of all – it is all FREE.

Are you tired of online advertising sites violating your privacy by tracking every:

    • Website you visit
    • Article you read
    • Product advertisement
    • Video you view?

At first glance, the tracking activity does not appear malicious, but lacks transparency:

    • Who is tracking your activity
    • What information is collected
    • Where is the information stored
    • How long is the information stored
    • Who has access to the information
    • What is the information used for?

If you value your privacy, actively discourage all tracking.

How WEBNoTrack works:

Delete Browser Cookies – WEBNoTrack operates in the background as a Windows® Service. There are no browser extensions to download, enable, configure or manage. WEBNoTrack monitors cookie activity at the system level. The service starts when Windows® is booted and stops when the system is shutdown, with no user intervention.

WEBNoTrack analyzes the contents of cookies for tracking indicators using a set of instructions based on thousands of existing websites in the WEBNoTrack database. The application classifies each web domain as whitelisted, greylisted (temporarily whitelisted) or blacklisted – Denying tracking data to all blacklisted web domains.