Supports Windows®

Supports Windows® 7, 8 and 10

The Cost of WEBNoTrack Application:

This Windows® desktop application is free of charge to use. Free means free, no strings attached. WEBNoTrack Software Publishing, LLC. does not seek or accept donations for its products or services. Your only obligation is to read, accept and follow the license agreement.

System Requirements:

Windows® operating system Windows 7® or better (USA sold and supported, default language American English only). Do NOT run this application on Windows XP® or Vista®, as support by Microsoft has expired and it is no longer considered secure from intrusion.

Supported Browsers:

WEBNoTrack integrates itself into:

      • Google Chrome® v44 and above (68% market share)
      • Mozilla Firefox® v39 and above (8.5% market share)
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer® V7,8,9,10,11 (6.8% market share)
      • Microsoft Edge® Windows 10 (6.2% market share)
      • Adobe® Flash® Player both standalone and integrated with Google Chrome® and Internet Explorer®

Source:® – For 2019 thru May-2020 – Windows Desktop versions 7 and above.

Download Installation File:

Download the installation executable file here. To minimize tampering, verify the file against one or more of the checksums listed below.

WEBNoTrack V
MD5: e7a2e07befa8f8455b70910436ad6870
SHA-1: ce46349725591cbf9124d0f34a58570467e61f06
SHA-256: 66b410cc0dc4f74c5afe27ba522bcef84217d875a5f577d1cf357c95c743bb62
SHA-512: 443e5848d277b12161fc9e76d9d89b08e975ebfaf1d17f9e2fde2ba09c0cfd22d8b52c75307a217d5e91839bd50bc96eebc3102bdc2b6303df1373a856fba9b3
A free checksum calculator can be found at

Download User Guide:

Download the Latest User Guide (.pdf).
WEBNoTrack User Guide

Version: Released: 06/01/2019
      • v1.2.5.3i – Supports Mozilla Firefox® V74
      • v1.2.5.3i – Supports Google Chrome® V80
      • New! – Active Cookies Report. This is a formatted table of Active Cookies by Browser. It can be viewed from the top level menus of the “Service Controller” or “Whitelist Manager” Utilities
      • Improved the detection of Windows Apps that store Cookies in the Windows ESE Database
      • Corrected the Whitelist Update Reports – confusing and inaccurate content
      • For users running Windows 64-bit Architecture, the WEBNoTrack Application will now run in x64 native mode. Almost all copies of Windows since Windows 7 support x64 architecture
      • Support is dropped for Windows Vista® – Microsoft stopped supporting this version in April-2017
      • Minor defects corrected
Version:    Released 11/15/2018:
    • Improve initial assessment of tracking websites
    • Minor defects corrected
Version:    Released 07/25/2018:
    • Improve automatic heuristic assessment of tracking websites
    • Windows 10 – Edge® tracking cookies are managed using Microsoft® APIs
    • Windows 10 – Pesky Windows® Apps (News, Money, Weather,…) tracking cookies are managed using Microsoft® APIs
    • Minor defects corrected
Version:    Released 04/15/2018:
    • Added a Version Upgrade Check to the Help Menu on WEBNoTrack Control and Whitelist applications
    • Windows 10® Creators Update – Internet Explorer® Cookies are managed using Microsoft APIs
    • Windows 10® Creators Update – Edge® Cookies will be managed in a future release. Currently, Edge® is only being used by 4% of the desktop community.
    • Supports Google Chrome® v66
    • Minor defects corrected
Version:    Released 07/20/2017:
    • Improved processing of Firefox® WEBAppsStore
    • Minor defects corrected
Version:    Released 05/13/2017:
    • Supports Firefox® v53
    • Adjusted Timing on Very Slow CPUs running Windows 10

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WEBNoTrack uses a standard simple application installation method.  Make sure you have Administration rights on the local computer.  Place the downloaded installation file (WEBNoTrackSetup.exe) in any convenient temporary directory and double-click on the executable.   Just follow the prompts, carefully read and accept the license agreement.  After installation, the system will start and be a permanent part of your security and privacy implementation.

WEBNoTrack installations are on a per-user- base.  If multiple users on a single computer are to be protected, install WEBNoTrack in each Windows user account.


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